Brakes wear out, who knew!?

After driving Donna’s Citreon C1 the otherday and deciding the brakes didn’t feel exactly confidence inspiring we thought it was time for a ‘full service’.

The pollen filter had seen better days…

Brake discs and pads seemed totally fine however :scream:.

I’ve given Donna a sound telling off for using the brakes too much and for driving through so much pollen.

Pah, Women!

too much


Yeah, I’ll bet you did :lying_face:


those discs are in a terrible state, when did it pass its last MOT test?

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July time I think, I was shocked when I saw them!

Bloody hell, I doubt they were great 6 months ago.

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No, I dont think so either…

It is a Citroen. Most of that will bof! out. If all else fails you can stop it using the vehicle in front

(shrugs shoulders, wanders off muttering in French …)