Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


You snowed in Martin? It has been a while since you posted.


Arms for bananas to certain republics?


Well, if we don’t, we can all say good riddance to foreign fruit and jolly well tuck in to some proper British ones, like greengages and crabapples.

Mmmm, lovely.


You forgot goosegogs…


Snowed in, yes.

Haven’t posted much because I’ve been through a phase of being really fucking bored with hifi.

And because you’re all cunts.


They may well be in for a shock. Less jobs higher prices and still loads of foreigners. No doubt farage will then blame remoaners ,May,the media etc for the uk not being utopia


And rhubarb. Rhubarb could easily replace bananas.



That’s the kind of thinking that made Britain great.


WTF has this place got to do with hifi? :thinking:


That’s the spirit old boy.

Stiff upper lip and all that. We’ll have the Empire back before you know it.


Fair point.

I guess I was also bored with whatever the fuck this place is actually about.


Hot cross buns




Fair point


The implication seemed to be that the new ‘global’ Britain with the fabulous new trade deals secured by the disgraced former minister will more than make up the slack. But like you, I’d like to see some numbers applied to it.

Regardless, I also think the EU will firmly tell her to take her cherry picking elsewhere probably as soon as next week.


No, you wouldn’t.

You really, really wouldn’t.


I have been exchanging email with a former colleague who now works in a Politics Dept. He is deeply unimpressed with the negotiations from a political standpoint; Our mob vacillate and pontificate, the EU submit tight legal documents to discuss and already have control of the form and timetable of the discussions. His view is that the EU papers submitted the other day are the end-game (more or less), our negotiators just haven’t capitulated yet. He thinks we will have a soft but unviable Brexit in this Parliament, followed by the realisation that it isn’t working and either an attempt to reverse (unlikely) or push on with the hardest of hard Brexits in the next Parliament. This is why the ERG is satisfied with the current situation.

He thinks that there will be moves to circumvent any amendments to the Trade Bill that enforce the CU or the soft NI border, but that these votes are key to the whole situation.


Oh dear.

They didn’t think much of it in Brussels.


Don’t cry for Theresa May. This Brexit crisis is her fault


Read John Redwood’s comments in this piece.

Frightening. Polly Toynbee is clearly deluded, but Redwood is either clinically insane or a liar. Still rolling out the ‘money saved going on the NHS’ thing after all this time.