Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy - Now with 4d chess option


The original was mercifully lost in the sausage-fingered Armageddon that saw off AA V1.0. I thought we might need a suitable receptacle in the lead up to the triggering of article 50 in March. Viz came up with this cracker today:



Be quite surprised if we make it to March. I expect Trump to cleanse us with nuclear fire in the next six weeks.


That would be a merciful relief to us all…


Maybe we should keep Farage locked up here as a sort of human shield?


Hope we get through at least to the end of May, otherwise my first Munich trip will be scuppered!!


It would be nice if May turned around and said ‘We’re not going going to Brexit at all, it was a very silly idea, soz about that etc. carry on as you were, now there’s good minions’.


I still want to see them build a wall.




Has a nice ring to it :innocent:


Having just got the mot on the car,I for one will be fuming if this happens


To be fair, the Astra will probably be strong enough to survive…


Here you go. Brexit explained succinctly.



Economic suicide.


Yep. I’m betting that the trade deal we end up negotiating with the USofA and Trump will make TTIP look like a bonanza. If this gets much worse we may be forced to decamp for Australia once again…(and that is no something I relish).


Yep, full fat no holds barred derp.


She just blew up the Titanic.


Tory strategy for Brexit revealed as going Full Potato over the Brexit Cliff. It also reveals their likely re-election strategy is to point at Corbyn and shake their heads sadly…


How long till we see this sort of thing again?


But, but, but, it’s the will of the people…