Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy



Is there something in the water? This level of bullshit is usually reserved for Teenage comedowns


If Gove is that obviously two faced, why choose this one?


Proper gurnning that:+1:


What an industrial grade cunt !



So Boris Johnson is now the champion of migrants acorss the UK, seeking to score points over the Maybot. After running an openly racist leave campaign.

What a time to be alive.

Meanwhile, here’s some FT / CU goodness from todays rag: (Ive embedded the tweet which should allow you to bypass the paywall)

Brilliant reporting from the FT on the politics of the customs union.

— Jo Maugham QC (@JolyonMaugham) April 25, 2018

perhaps this one works if the one above doesn’t

Customs Union: how the bit of the EU Eurosceptics used to like became the bit they now hate. Big read on Theresa May's biggest Brexit dilemma

— George Parker (@GeorgeWParker) April 25, 2018

If neither work, then i’m fucked if i know what to do



In the spirit of Blighty what what, it will be based on a design by Fred Dibnah, yes?


I like the irony and symmetry of Brexit man not knowing where he’s going



Nothing new there, just got charged 16Euros for staying in Rome hotel, as a ‘hotel tax’. Lots of these sorts of things across Europe.


An esta is a tenner. We should be doing a similar thing imo.


lol, after Brexit you’ll need to be paying people to visit.


yea, that’ll be at least an extra £5 billion. We can take the money off the NHS to pay for it, it was on a bus or somesuch.


Initial flight trials are going well.


No we won’t.
It will not be anywhere near as shit as we fear.


Based on what exactly ?


Brexit means many different things but I struggle to see how it will be perceived as ‘Welcome Europe.’ or ‘We love Europeans’. Maybe the message we’re sending sounds like:
‘Darling I’d like a divorce, now suck my schlong’.
If the £ tanks we may get more foot fall but this may be mildly countered by migrant workers leaving.


Look around at how hard it is for the average person at present to do simple things like keep a job, buy a house, educate their kids, save for a retirement, and receive timely and appropriate treatment when ill. Will Brexit improve any of this?

Brexit does not have to be as ‘as shit as we fear’ to be a disaster. It just has to make the current situation harder or increase social and income divisions marginally to do this.