Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy



Nothing will change & the car crash will continue (and get worse) while the fuckwits supposedly in charge of managing it remain in charge.


I can agree with th first part, it really doesn’t matter who manages it, it will be a shitstain. On the one hand you have a Remainer being yanked around by her pro Brexit back benchers, on the other you have a traditionallyt EU sceptic Left leading a largely Remain bunch of MPs.

We are truly fucked and the train smash will happen. There is no going back as any future re-joining the EU deal will be staggeringly fucking awful.

The real question is who is best placed to lead and Govern the country post Brexit, answers on a post card please as the current parties are jaw droppingly incompetent.


Must have been very different times because you can’t imagine the circumstances that caused the SDP to be formed were more extreme than we have today.

It seems ripe for what remains of the Lib Dems, Labour Remainers and a handful of moderate Tories like Soubry and Grieve to form something new.


Sadly, there are currently few politicians with the massive balls that they had (and I include SW in that)


Soubry may be pro Europe but moderate?



Ok, fess up: which one of you fuckers is Faisal Islam?


I’d love it, I’d join it and I’d pay for it, but it’ll never work for the same reason the SDP didn’t work: electoral math

Macron managed it in an entirely different electoral system, but with the backdrop of far more unpopular traditional parties than we have in the U.K.

ANY outsider, for arguments sake James O Brien, who would attempt to front a new ‘movement’ , would surely fail to straddle the gulf of remainer Torres, Labour & LD’s…unless the post/Brexit clusterfuck was so great as to bring the country to its knees.

Or what - does anyone see a scenario where a new party can beat the traditional parties in sufficient seats at a GE ???


Not a chance. The one big story from the last general election was the return of voters to the two big parties.


No, I don’t see a scenario where a new party can beat the traditional parties in sufficient seats at a GE. But on the other hand it wouldn’t need to. If we are really in a world where Labour and the Conservatives are neck and neck (and assuming the SNP, DUP etc all maintain their current seats in HoC) a Centrist that took 20-40 seats could actually have a fair deal of influence in providing support for confidence and supply only.

That is, a new party could act to hamstring the ideologues and loonies on both sides and simply force whoever forms a minority Government to get back to providing decent basic Government (collect the tax, educate the kids, look after the sick and elderly, and try and encourage growth in living standards (and not GDP)).

A new party appeals to me on this basis alone, but I don’t see it happening.


Seemingly Stronzetto’s glue pot plot has yet to capture the passion of the nation.
I hope we are invaded by Denmark. I like their political systems, Educational views and bacon.


Both the Tories & Labour are though utterly and equally divided right down the middle between the Moggs & the Soubry’s and the Corbyistas and the Chukkas – I don’t see that changing anytime soon (even though the Tory ‘nutters’ are remarkably low in number compared to the power they wield)

A party of the centre / Remain would, surely, be unable to do anything about that …… unless it achieved an electoral wipe-out of both parties ?


And pastries. Don’t forget their pastries


I gave up that wait some years ago and so moved here instead

It will, perhaps, delight you to know that the bacon here is utter shite, cos all the decent gear is exported to you (and China.)

OTOH UK-danish pastries are dogmuck compared to the real deal


The problem as I see it is that many people vote for a party because of its name, rather than its policies. If half of each party split off and created a larger centre party, come the next election they would be wiped out because many of the moderate electorate would still vote for the extreme residual parties.

And I just had to correct my auto correct, which had put “potatoes” for “parties”. My phone has real insight.


I did a wee bit of doostepping for Labour in 92. IMHO Kinncock didn’t lose cos of the Sheffield speech (it didn’t help though, did it) - he lost because there were enough knuckle draggers who couldn’t possibly vote for him cos he was bald / ginger / Welsh.

When all’s said and done, that’s what every party is up against: the name, the look, the time he looked weird eating a banana, and so on


He lost to Major FFS! The equivalent today would be Corbyn losing to May, oh, hang on…


I’d vote for Major in a jiffy right now


I’d probably vote for Ed Milliband. Mad times.