Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


Anyone just hear Liddington on Today(I know, I know) ??? Christ it was like an episode of the thick of it! Complete mumbo jumbo

Humphreys took 10 minutes to get round to meekly asking : wondering whether this would meet any of the EU’s requirements (they won’t, obvs)

Which isn’t even the fucking point: the ONLY issue that needs to be in the withdrawal agreement is the NI backstop: the trade arrangements / areangements come afterwards, in the context / negotiation of the framework agreement. Nothing needs ruling in / out at this stage.

How hard can it be for BBC to get that HMG’s narrative is irrelevant and entirely internal Con party policy?



I thought he was very competent and convincing on ‘widgets’. It is nice to see such a depth of understanding on display. I cannot see what can possibly go wrong from here and look forward to the new Utopia that Brexit will clearly, and that is a Mrs May clearly, deliver.



Strong and stable. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Deep and special



Both the EU and the UK have allowed NI to become the tail that wags the dog. It was inevitable once the Tories signed up the DUP. The EU have played on this to great effect, as have the UK.

On another note, it was reported that a Senior Minister has already withdrawn support from the PMs deal and that BoJo and his half a dozen Cabinet flock are having a separate meeting.


It would be funny how much it’s fucking up the Tories if it weren’t doing exactly the same to the opposition as well


The whole Chequers thing is just Pantomime. The only issue is the NI border. Lest we forget

I don’t think many would be surprised if the CU was imposed next week anyway after the utter shambles of the last month, at which point the whole Brexit thing is a nothing other than a costly farce with no possible benefits.


I’m wondering at what point the EU just gets fed up of the staggering incompetence of the government and just annexes the UK as a vassal state.


The BBC is just there to broadcast the tory party narrative, it has lost its impartiality.


You keep saying this, and I don’t understand why (but am happy to be made wiser)

While the border issue is obvs in part related to free movement of goods / SM, it is primarily an issue about WTO rules: the EU (and HMG) couldn’t get around them even if they wanted. It’s not playing a blinder, it’s just understanding the facts of international trade.

Being beholden to the DUP only succeeds in rendering the obvious solutions politically unsuitable (or, as above, til Parliament hems May into a CU-relationship)


Give NI to the Irish, let the Scott’s stay in the EU as a separate state, don’t see the problem.

The Germans would have to take over the subsidy that we pay for them, job done.


This is a strong stable…


Try telling that to the Orange ones


…and full of horse shit


Feck off Bob. The Irish don’t want NI and all it’s associated economic, political and social problems now. Demographics with deal with many of the political and social issues in the next thirty-fifty years. The golden eggs from Brexit will clearly solve the economic issues. Ireland is better off waiting/keeping out of the way as much as possible.


Well NI is a shithole, and much of Scotland is as well. So is Wales. And loads of northern England. And southern England, now I think of it.

The only way out of shithole status is through cross-subsidy, in some form: direct government investment, subsidies to set up businesses with employment, tax benefits, that kind of thing. The richer places pay a bit in tax to make the poorer places nicer. The rich might even go on holiday there and spend some of their rich person money.

Then the poorer places get less poor, and start paying tax more. And lo, everyone benefits: more tax take, happier people, fewer people on benefits, and even some nice places to visit. The route to improvement is achieved by working together, not disenfranchising or ignoring whole swathes of the population.

Unfortunately this is the EU vision. The EU invests loads in poorer places, whereas our government just ignores them, because they’re a long way away from London and talk a bit funny. Our government is great at making problems worse, especially in respect of inequality.


Spotted the flaw straight away. Don’t forget the well off/rich have done it all by themselves with no help whatsoever from the state or the general conditions in the nation. No sir, they’ve worked harder than the feckless so deserve all they have.


How quickly you forget the Northern Powerhouse. Even when they remember they are supposed to be governing the whole country they make a complete and utter arse of it.