Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy





I’ve never heard of Penny Mordaunt but I reckon Ruth Davidson’s the only one of those who isn’t a swivel-eyed sociopath, and she doesn’t even have a seat in England (yet).


She’s getting there


Ruth Davidson comes across well but behind the facade of the cheery lesbian next door lurks a proper Tory and Unionist. You have been warned.


Mordant is the portsmouth MP and a complete loon (or typical tory MP)


How tall is she?


They’ve hired my local MP to be Attorney General. This is going to be problematic as he doesn’t normally attend parliament unless he needs to represent his constituents clients in the Cayman Islands. He’s too busy earning money to have much interest in politics & had to resign from the Standards committee for expenses dodginess & claiming 49p (yes really) for milk.

I don’t expect his attendance to improve much although his questions appearances could be amusing


Another prominent Brexiteer, Environment Secretary Michael Gove, said he had “absolutely not” considered resigning and declared himself “100%” behind Mrs May’s Brexit plan.

He’ll be next, then.


Perhaps, but I think Gove will choose his timing to be more effective than the other pair of clueless twats.


Voulez-vous du Gammon?

His Wikipedia entry is interesting reading. The associated portrait is shockingly bad:

Good to see that he returns order to the Universe by maintaining the fat grasping chinless wonder ratio in cabinet (saggy double chins not counting of course).


Why does he look like he’s nicked an ashtray from the table by the door?


The only thing that fat chinless parasite is stealing is oxygen.


Quite short when I saw here at speakers corner. :wink:




The MP for Lopwell!


I bet you could fit him in the pizza oven if you applied a healthy layer of swarfega and gave him a firm shove. Minor adjustments with @BobC’s axe might help getting the bulgy bits in.


You’d need 2 ovens. And an axe.


I’ve met him a few times particularly with regard to some proposed housing developments in the area. Quite alarming to be in a normal sized living room with someone who can only speak as if he were addressing a noisy HoC. He booms like a Bitterne.