Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


Is it a coincidence we’ve had all these resignations or is there some shit rolling down the hill ?


I would be very disappointed at a near miss in the case of this particularly unpleasant lump of unboiled Gammon.



:rofl: Fudge, The Brexit Unicorn :rofl:


The NYT takes aim at our favourite buffoon and delivers a fair old broadside that puts our own press to shame for pandering to this gormless twat and his supporting cast of fuckwits and chancers and not apologising for the feckin’ mess they’ve helped to create.




@browellm sharing Mitch Benn quotes. The end is nigh!


Nice reply in that Mitch Benn thread:


Seriously,what the fuck are these cunts up to. Priti Patel earlier;

This is no longer an argument about whether Brexit was a good idea but is about democracy & standing by the democratic decision made by the people. The public want to know that their political leaders will stay true to the promise made to them that Brexit means Brexit.


A politician arguing that the public wants (to know that) their political leaders will stay true to the promises made to them…:exploding_head:…let alone that Brexit means Brexit.

The universe will implode under the weight of the bullshit Priti is spreading so widely and deeply.




I admire his ability to create fresh and topical lyrics each week.

And the gift of parody song arrangements for the band.



The original FT report is here, but is behind a paywall:

If this is the state of the contingency planning, imagine how good the frontline plans are…:cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


A news TV programme was recently asking people on the street to say whether Brexit was going well or going badly. The overwhelming majority said badly.

But are they right?

If you’re a lefty remainer, surely Brexit is going brilliantly! It’s tearing the Tories apart. They’re capitulating on everything so we’ll have Brexit in name only. And the news has turned to The Far Side as written by Kafka and performed by Monty Python.

I’m fucking enjoying it now.


The problem with such vox pops is that people in the street have no idea how the negotiations were or are going. Indeed, few in Parliament seemed to know. It would seem that even the departed Brexit Secretary didn’t know that Olly Robbins was actually conducting the negotiations on behalf of No.10 while formulating the white paper that’ll be published today. it’ll be interesting to see if Davis’s own Unicorn, cake & sunlit uplands alternative white paper will also be released to show us what we could’ve won. Given his past form, he probably hasn’t written it yet & will claim the dog ate it if pushed.




I normally object to cat memes but this just seems apt:


The cat knows