Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


He’s texting on his phone. Wouldn’t you just love to be able to intercept that.




Agreed. One of the weaknesses of the fixed term act is that it requires a two thirds vote to dissolve Parliament and allows a minority Government to sit there as long as it likes. Only common decency can prevail, there is little of that around atm. If a Government can not Govern it is only convention that they step aside to allow another party to try. In that instance i think even the Tories would go for a GE, they still have a chance of winning it.

ps. that last bit is truly depressing.


indeed. A GE, and the Tories will win…disappointingly


Mags Beckett ftw


Playing Brahms so only have the BBC text. Highlights: quote from Boris, tweet embedded with link to Boris stuff. Come on the balanced reporting…


Suicide note or last will and testament.


Shame it’s in an empty chamber and won’t be seen or heard by the vast majority.

To be fair the remain campaign gave all these same reasons for staying and still lost the vote - go figure.:thinking:

Will be fascinating to see what the result is if/when there is a second referendum.


Hillary Benn, surgically dismantling this proposal.

Would have been fun to see him debating this with his late father.


Actually riveting stuff, but as Paul said a pity few will see it.


It certainly will. i wouldn’t like to say that remain will win either. The politicians have fucked off so many people that another Leave victory can’t be ruled out.

Is there still a Brexit march planned for the 9th? It will be interesting to see the turnout for that.


Ah, but they will read various interpretations in the papers tomorrow! So no worries there.


Trade through kent Lols


Ah, the Cable has arrived


I’ve listened to this right from the off. I think I’ve counted three MPs who are voting for this deal up to now.


Dominic Grieve with another forensic dissection.


Some excellent speeches in the last hour.
ERG seem very quiet


Compare Beckett, Soubry, Benn and Grieve with Johnson earlier on :joy:

Would be funny if he hadn’t had a full chamber to play to.


Beckett, Soubry, Grieve and Benn (and previously Blackford) have all made extremely cogent speeches (I have listened to 95% of the debate) to support their views. When you compare that to Johnson’s utter ramblings you have to wonder how the fuck he gets through the day without help.

May just said exactly what she has been saying for days now, meaningless soundbites, and Corbyn seemed to talk forever without actually saying anything. Cable just gave us a history lesson. Not one party leader gave me any hope that they can come up with anything that could command the support of the house.

How the fuck we have arrived at this point is beyond me.

PV is looking more and more likely, although I have no faith that the British public can be trusted in such important matters.

Never in my lifetime has there been such a desperate need for a new centrist party to bring, not only the country, but parliament back together.


It’s going really well in France.