Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


What happens to UK politics in the wake of this busted Brexit referendum? There are a lot of truly hacked off voters out there and I don’t see them supporting Labour and I suspect many won’t support Tory.

Regardless of what we think about Brexit, many will feel the political establishment has abandoned them. I know some on here dream of a new centre party emerging, I suspect a new far right party will also emerge, UKIP or UKIP+.


Farage leaving UKIP was the first clue.


Need to get that rocket for the sun built.


If there is to be a new GE I wonder how low the turnout would be given the above


I certainly don’t know how it’s gonna go.

UKIP seem to have gone fucking mad with their dalliance with Tommy the horrid racist, so for sure there’s a vacuum for a “what the hell happened to Brexit, fucko’s?” party that doesn’t condone the beating of foreign school kids.

FPP simply doesn’t accommodate a multi party system, but we seem certain to get a new Farage party which will receive a decent chunk of the vote, the Tories will be split asunder if we Brexit, and I don’t yet know what will happen with Labour, though it’s probbaly the most resilient of the 3 main parties.

If Brexit doesn’t eventually happen, or we end up in a “not that bad, really” EEA type arrangement, the rationale for a centrist Chukka party recedes to being on Blair vs Corbyn grounds, and I’m not sure there’s enough appetite in the MP’s or the public for that.

But really, I have no fucking idea.


This happens next:


Nice clean nappy. Obviously a good day. :+1:


‘Serious legal consequences’ being code for ‘This is much more boring than I had hoped’.


Well the first weird thing is the date on the advice:

So no advice was given before 13th November? Let’s not forget that 13th November was the date that MPs first asked for the advice. Caroline Lucas is doing a demolition job on this on Twitter ATM.


Looks like the legal advice on Northern Ireland is dynamite for May’s opponents.


It’s moot really because saying NO! is so ingrained in the DUP’s psyche that even had GC’s advice been the exact opposite, they’d have found a way to disagree with it. As it is, Arlene will be blissed out this afternoon.


Quite. You can see why it took three votes in the HoC, including a contempt motion to drag this out of the Govt.


Blackford treading a fine line there. Bercow looks like he’s itching to take centre stage and stamp on someone.


Anybody seen an analysis of what Cox said about the legal advice to the HoC and the ensuing summary and the details published this morning? I’m amazed it hasn’t been raised at PMQs. I suppose there was no time.


Javid also getting roasted. What a hospital pass having to make the first speech.


The state of this



Precisely. That’s what Femi has been banging on about since all this began.


I’m getting the popcorn in while I can still afford it, although I may just need more than I can afford if the saga continues as expected.


Anne Marie Morris is a piece of work. (fanous previously for her nigger in the woodpile comment)