Brexit - Creating a Cuntocracy


He was also pretty scathing about Corbyn and also the complete apathy of the official Remain campaign, but I suspect that will get lost in the post.

He’s right on all 3 counts FWIW.


Yep, foaming about the tusks from the Gammon herd while totally ignoring the imminent shit-storm. Fair play to Tusk who was warned about the reaction by Varadker and seems not to give one. I wonder if Mark Francois’ veins will cope with the additional pressure:


He looks liable to burst at any moment…


It’s a max two-term position and his second term ends in Nov this year. So I guess that he has nothing to lose. He’s already said he told David Cameron that the referendum, and by implication the decision to hold it, was “stupid”.



Since when did being right make any fucking difference?


Regardless of it being right or wrong it was an ill judged thing to say from someone in his position and at this moment with talks ongoing over the next few days.

Just as some of Boris Johnson’s outbursts while Foreign Secretary were also ill judged & rightly criticised.


Two years of groundhog day meetings and negotiations with ill informed dullards and blow-hards like David Davies, Dominic Raab, Arlene Foster and the robotic weeble May would drive anyone to the odd injudicious comment.


I don’t think Tusk himself has been meeting with those people (besides Theresa May) nor doing any negotiating.


Unfortunately it’s called G.B. & N.I. For a short while anyway.


It was a daft thing to say. It allows all the Gammons and Duppers to fill their boots with righteous indignation and bleat like little victims and ignore the elephant in the room.


The genius of the Donald Tusk “special place in Hell” insult is that to be offended by it, you have to admit to having no plan for delivering Brexit, despite being full-throated in your support of it. You can’t be offended without proving yourself ignorant at best, fraudulent at worst.


It was anything but an outburst, rather a carefully calculated insult.



So, lemme see if I have this right.

For the last 3-4 years, half the Tory party have called various EU Leaders and Institutions everything under the sun while all the same time trying to get a deal

Tusk calls out the charlatans with no plan, and even the socalled MODERATE fucking Tories totally and utterly lose their shit to THIS extent ??

We should leave because he said something mean? I hope I live to have grandkids but I shudder to think how to explain how this rotten mess somehow happened.


Amazing how brexiteers are offended by tusk, but are cool that people might have to go without life saving drugs

Europe have had enough of the Brexiteers bollocks,and who can blame them


FT reporting that Govt can’t guarantee that FTO agreements will roll over, serious stuff.

Luckily we have some important arrangements tied up to counter this, including the much needed Faroe Islands deal:

“We are making good progress on securing deals and have signed agreements with Chile, the Faroe Islands, and Eastern and Southern African Economic Partnership Agreement states. We have Mutual Recognition Agreements with Australia and New Zealand, and expect others to follow soon. We have also agreed the text of a trade agreement with Switzerland, which the government expects to sign shortly.”


Toblorones are safe then


Corbyn reveals Labour unicorn



The grand Labour plan is to agree to a customs union up front in the hope that no one will recognize it as being exactly the same as the backstop.



So much for the much vaunted six tests.

Labour have just ensured that 48% of voters will vote for anyone but then.


This is a corker:

an agreement on commercial policy that includes a UK say on future EU trade deals.