Going to stay in Bridlington for a few days soon. Any good gastropub type places to visit nearby?



About sums the place up…


Never been, but this looks worth a try.

Went to a Bridlington in 1989 for an army mates stag do and was chatting up some bird when a web fingered local walked over and punched me in the face because he heard my southern accent.

Shit hole that makes Scarborough look good.


I’m a southerner not a fucking strayan.

Regardless of origins, I can’t imagine a bunch of drunken squaddies dive bombing the locals would have gone down well.

More likely it was his mum and if I took her back with me he wasn’t getting laid that night.



Appeared in court there once when I was a student - breach of the peace - got off. But I didn’t think it would be a place I’d ever revisit or recommend to friends and family. From memory I can’t believe they’d entertain such a thing as a “gastropub” but then again Hull is City of Culture so what do I know?

Bridlington University?

Hull - long story as to why I ended up in Brid…

It’s a strange old place - we went down for the start of the Tour of Yorkshire cycling. Every Day Is Like Sunday kept going through my head :grinning:

Didn’t find any decent Gastropub type places in the centre but our Landlady said there was a very good pub - The Ship Inn if I remember correctly which is a bit out of town towards Sewerby.

Did you get some greased tea to share?

Dare I ask what that is ?

Is it mandatory that you go there?

If so, just be careful. The women can be stranger than the Funzie molls

As for food, I would recommend a suitcase full of your favourite tinned treats

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I don’t know Bridlington specifically, but it is hard to believe it impossible, to at least find good fish 'n chips, in a part of the world generally famed for such delights?

Your right Chris - there was an abundance of chippies to be fair

Well, you mentioned Everyday Is Like Sunday…

‘Everyday is like Sunday
"Win yourself a cheap tray"
Share some greased tea with me,
Everyday is silent and grey’

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