Brighton on the cheap

We recently went to Manju’s in the North Laine for veggy Indian food, we thought it was better than Chilli Pickle regardless of not having any meat option.

Also for Italian Fatto a Mano in also in the North Laine and that would be my favorite Italian in town.

You’re very welcome at our place.

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Went here a few weeks ago and was very nice.

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Petit Pois is our new favourite.

Not expensive, and as the plates are all small (think big tapas) the kids love it as you can try stuff without commiting to a dish as your whole dinner.

It is superb, go… Book and go. Make sure you book.


Another vote for Manjus, however, don’t pronounce it Man juice as it puts the kids off.

Chilli pickle also v good… The kids love the dhosas…

64 degrees is amazing.

Regency on the seafront for old school victoriana tiling and amazing fish and chips. Touristy but good.

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Also, the KFC on London Road is utterly divine luv.

Slip past the smack heads on reception, be sure to tip them as you pass, they have dogs to feed. Slide up to the counter on an inch of chicken fat, and make your selection from various unspecified chicken parts. I recommend the confit potato batons and haricot et tomate as sides.

Squeeze in next to an inky cankled 25 stoner and her snotty lointards. Marvel as the grease drips off their chins and they manage to communicate without the use of consonants.

For the full Brighton experience, trip on a discarded needle on your way out and contract HIV.

Brighton yeah… Why are you going to Brighton btw? :joy:



I use to live by the sexual risk takers

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Brighton is wonderful. Really wonderful. I would move here in a heartbeat if I had the dosh.

We are staying in a beautiful little AirBnB. This is around the corner. It would be perfect and is only about £500k over budget.


The kids will have grown up and left home before you or I could afford that!

I love Brighton as well, I could happily live there. I had a mate who commuted from there to London, which worked really well 90% of the time and really badly the other 10%!

Guessing Brighton is getting close to London prices

Lived there for a while in the early 90s,very cool place

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Not really tbh. A million quid won’t get you four bedrooms in a nice area of London, unless maybe you go miles out. Then you have a slower journey to the centre than I do.

Great place to be a student though!

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Think it was around 50 mins to Victoria on the train so not bad if you can get out and walk to work from vic or only have a couple of stops on the underground

Personally I’d hate to have to do it daily

I lived near David Walliams and his little dog - well before he was famous of course.

The best six months of my life where spent in Brighton in 1986 when I started my first proper job with the MoD.

The only thing I still have from that time is a wee flyer from our regular haunt in The Escape Club


Does anyone remember the name of burger place on Malborough Place that done the most epic chilli burgers ?

I really should go back even for the day.

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There are also big 12 carriage trains that follow the Thameslink route.

Brighton to the City is probably faster than my arse biscuit of a commute on multiple trains and tubes.

You can probably tell that I’m actively considering the area, although I’m probably too decrepit for central Brighton. More likely Saltdean, Rottingdean etc.


How many times can a man say “probably” in one post?

Captain Decisive, that’s me.

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What’s Hayward’s heath like?

“I don’t know what your ol’ Grand-daddy would say, boy, if he could see this lot. Houses, 'ouses, 'ouses, Y’know that fair makes me prostrate with dismal.”

Jim Copper, farm bailiff, on Rottingdean, ?1950s?