Brighton on the cheap

@Kevin @FatCuntTroller and any others with knowledge, I want to stay a couple of nights in Brighton in August, preferably close to the front. Can you recommend anywhere which is good value?

how cheap is cheap? Does Brighton do cheap - having stayed quite a bit over the last three years, I don’t think it does cheap very well…

When we stayed a few weeks ago, Louise insisted on being on the front, so we didn’t have a great deal of choice.

We spent an age looking for somewhere “reasonable” on the front, but couldn’t find anywhere - they are all pricey to a certain degree. We ended up at the Mercure on the front, and it was ok, rather tired to be honest - it was ok for our needs because we just needed it for a Bed and Breakfast as we were at the Brighton Wildlife festival all day…I wouldn’t have chosen it had we need more facilities.

A very average hotel

Just somewhere for a kip that doesn’t make my skin crawl :smiley:

Parking and traffic in Brighton is utter pants, make sure you have parking at the hotel.

this is true, even getting a taxi anywhere seemed to result in being in a traffic jam…

we didn’t bother driving as the Mercure charges £18 per day on a first come first serve basis with no possibility of reserving

Welcome to stay with us Mark. We are on Park Crescent so 10mins away from the sea front, we don’t charge.

We have residents permits you can use for parking and we have a pub opposite us.




Mate. Ridiculous generosity. Can I just firm up dates (it would be 2 nights) and come back to you?

Sure, no probs.

If the dates don’t work with Simon, then it’s a tricky one.

Hotels in Brighton are over priced and generally not great unless you can afford The Grand. The City Centre premier inn is a no no. too noisy.

The Jury’s Inn at the Station is not a salubrious location, but it is a decent hotel and not too pricey. It’s also an easy walk to anywhere in the City. Also, look for boutiquey places in Hove or Kemptown. You’ll get a nicer stay for similar money to the traps on the seafront.

Cheers m9.

S8 now. :wink:

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Food and music is good at Simon’s place. Well worth a stay!


Hi again folks.

Looking for some Brighton restaurant recommendations, please?

Formal or casual, all food types wanted. @Kevin, @simonms, @FatCuntTroller

how cheap is cheap? we like the Chilli Pickle


Oh, that. I couldn’t be bothered changing the old thread title which was focusing on accommodation.

thread title “brighton on the cheap” I thought you wanted cheap

we had a lovely meal at

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Looks nice, although probably not quite the thing our kids would be into.

However, they’ve also got a seafront called Murmur. That looks good. Ever been?

walked past a few times, always busy. If the food is of the quality of the other then it’ll be great

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Marrocco’s in Hove

Italian on the seafront, bit of a walk along the prom from Brighton but worth it.

Family friendly, reasonable prices, great food, always busy. ice creams to die for.

Not a 4 star fine dining restuarant but I go there with friends quite a bit.

Great traditional Italian food but also does pizza and burgers, might be a winner with the kids!