Broken twitter links

Can you please let us know if you are seeing broken images from Twitter like so:

  • Yes
  • No

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Which browser are you using?

chrome under Android

No: Firefox and Chrome on a Windows 10 PC

Yes: iPad Mini / iPhone 8 running the latest iOS using Safari

Working fine for me - Safari on MacBook.

It does appear to be down to browsers blocking what they think is tracking content.

Certainly on Firefox disabling the option to block tracking content makes them appear.

I get broken links on Firefox with very strict privacy setting. I’ll live with it.

No: Brave on Android

Seems with Firefox you can add exceptions by site, so adding an exception for AA works.

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Ooh yeah, that’s easy enough

Fine on Chrome, Brave on Windows 8, and Safari on iOS.

Ok here.

Chrome on laptop

Fine - Chrome / Android

Fine on Chrome/Android here. I’ll check Safari on my iPad when I get home.

The direct links are broken for me (Firefox, Win10) but all I have to do is to click on the Twitter poster’s name e.g. devon sawa in your example and a new tab opens with the Twitter feed in it and I can see the linked item there.