BT home hub 5 wankery


Yes when im travelling. But not at home.


Have a really poor mobile network coverage here.

Irony of being on Everything Everywhere is not lost.


Wasn’t suggesting a permanent solution. I still use normal broadband at home but it would serveTwinky until he gets a new router in the sale tomorrow.


Obvs I need one compatible with BT lack-of-infinity, but is it a ball ache to connect up? Codes and the like?

If it is a fanny-on, I’ll just go old-skool and buy a couple of magazines for my research.


:rofl: Research :rofl:

[insert obvious jazz mag/wanking joke here]


If you buy one of the latest models you should only need your username.


Ffs, if you can cope with the gas regulations and golf handicaps you will have no problem with Wi-fi codes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t recall anyone ever saying I coped with any of the above! :slight_smile:

I do have a total blackout when it comes to this stuff tho. Lazy on my part I know.




The BT Home Hub 5 is meant to be good, is that what you have? If not, I would contact BT, tell them off your woes and ask for one.

If you don’t fancy doing that, them you could go for the Asus 68 ADSL router, or the D-link 3590, but these are over £100. They are the best midrange routers.


It is. Well, ours is at least.


When you switch it off, pull the power plug and wait for 30 seconds before putting it back in. This re-sets your connection at the local exchange. BT are cunts and gradually downgade your service over time as you use it. Doing this re-sets it to maximum again.

Call them and say you are fucked off and going to Virgin or Sky.


Learn something new every day.


Haha. Chemtrails.


I thought so too, but it’s actually true, software driven.


References or links please, as this would be illegal.


Yes, let’s artificially slow these lines down so we piss off our customer base even more and increase our support costs.


Ring them up and play f**k up. That’s what I would do.

The other thing you can do is log on to the router using your laptop and set it up yourself. That’s what I did with Plusnet and it’s quick all the time.


Just use shakti stones on your router and it’ll restore full speed.


It’s actually the opposite, the modem learns what speed can be achieved with maximum stability, so it’s quicker after a few days.