BT home hub 5 wankery

Have got a solid orange light on this satanic piece of shit and consequently no broadband. Phone line is ok and no faults reported apparently.

Phoned BT and line seems ok according to their tests. I reckon it is the router.

Is it easy to connect another non BT router? If so, what variety do I need?

If anyone can be arsed let me know.

Cheers all.

Have you tried rebooting the router?

Which you do by switching it off and on, obvs…:+1:

Turn it off and on.



Sorry Graham, I gazumped you there :grin:

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That’s not very Christmas spirited is it Twinkle…we’re trying to help you here…

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Home hubs are wank. I replaced mine with a TP Link WD 9980 which is a lot better, but not a current model any more.

My sentiments exactly. Is it straightforward?

I have no patience for stuff like this. Blowed if I’ll be waiting for their engineer in 5 days time.

I’ll reboot you, ya festive fuck.


Wasn’t too difficult, and more recent ones have BT Infinity pre-configured. I had to set it up manually.

Pay them for the six.

I did and it’s better.

Otherwise, reboot via the admin setting and it should be fine. Enter the router number (google it) and use your admin password to log in and reboot. Find the admin password on the router it’s self.

Hit it with an adjustable spanner then wrap it in PTFE tape?

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Probably an obvious question,but have you checked the oil and water?

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Good shout… I’ll check the distributor cap whilst I’m at it.

Bang goes my ‘research’ tomorrow.

Tether your phone to your PC and forget about the router.

Do people really do this? Serious question, I know next to nothing about mobile phones. My phone contract gives me 256 MB/month; on my landline I typically use 50 - 100 GB/month.

I do it all the time with my work phone and work laptop when out of the office and a couple of nights a week on my own phone and laptop when I stay at my Dad’s. I never use more than 40% of my data allowance (My contract gives me 10 GB a month.)

In reality you need a 4G signal and you never notice the difference.

Looks like Vodafone’s biggest deal is 40GB /month, so not really enough.