Budet printer that has air print

My mum’s printer has gone on the conk, so she needs a new one.

Must be wirelss and handle AirPrint (printing from IOS)

Does any one have any experience /suggestions?

I’m particualrly confised by the printers with the ink-subscription and can’t quite work out wether this is a very handy option or a rip-off waiting to hapen (she does not print a great deal, TBH)

I use a Brother HL-3140CW, which is a colour laser. Advantage of laser over ink is that it doesn’t dry the nozzles, I think, for occasional printing. It’s decent and cheap - £100-ish. You can get OEM toner for £25 for all four colours. It’s wireless and works for Google print, and I would be amazed if it didn’t do the Apple version.


I ran a similar thread on here recently. @browellm suggested an Epson XP-8500. I bought it. Cheap as chips, non-foo ink is also cheap. Highly recommended.


Thanks fellas

I suspect Adam’s suggestion would be best for speed and running costs for everyday office type printing but we needed the ability to print the odd high quality photo now and again so the Epson suited us best.

I have just bought one from Amazon £78. Nice.

Printer ink - makes foo salesmen look like honest men.

My printer broke down 18 months ago.
I haven’t replaced it and haven’t yet found a need, Unless you work from home (and then the firm can buy it) who needs to print anything these days?

Anyone who sends parcels?

The twice a year that I do that I will either print at work or find someone with a printer, or put it on a USB drive and print at the local shop. A little bit of extra hassle but I don’t think I will ever spend £100 on a printer ever again.

Which is nice.

School projects still rely on quite a bit of printing.

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I have had an HP Officejet 4500 for years. I could do with a wireless printer for convenience.

It’s not used a lot but I do get issues with clone replacement ink cartridges not being recognised and I could do with a duplex feature as it would be good to cut down on wasted paper.

So any tips for a decent duplex printer with low running costs?

we have had one of these for about a year. Seems ok. We use it wired on our network


Epson XP 8500. Cheap as chips, non-epson supplies are reasonable. As recommended to me by @browellm. Even my Domestic Antipodean can print stuff off her phone without setting the house alight.