Budget mm phono stages

I’m currently using a little nad pp1 with my swish new cart (AT 750sh). I suspect the nad lets it down a bit so I’m looking at sub 250 second hand mm stages. Plenty of Graham slee around, and pro-ject… any recommendations or anything people on here want to flog?

I use a micromega mm/mc mygroov

Does the job well

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I’ve got a Project SE II MC/MM, in black, like this one:


It’s actually a nice little thing. You don’t see too many for sale, don’t know whether this is because people hang on to them or because they didn’t sell many? Paul @Mrs_Maureen_OPinion might know. Consequently, I have no idea how much they’re worth. £140 ish?


Edwards Audio Apprentice MM - £99. Tough to beat at the price.



A few to think about :+1:

The Longdog Audio PH1 is supposed to be very good. https://www.longdogaudio.com/product/lda-ph1-moving-magnet-phono-stage/

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There’s one of those on evilbay, I guessed it world be good

I sold a couple, but the tube stage sold more, even though the SS was quieter. Nice little box - like most Pro-ject boxes it doesn’t get much love from the snobs but sells in bucketloads to people who actually want to just listen to music…


I loved the tube Pro-ject stage you sold me…

Poor people.

The Nad is a good little phonostage.

Someone I know asked me recently what was wrong with his amp as he can’t play his old records.
He hasn’t actually got a phono stage in his amp.
I said I would look out for a cheap basic model for him.
If you end up getting a new phono stage for your self and want to move on the PP1 please let me know

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This is surplus to requirements btw, so I’m willing to sell it.

Good - glad you enjoyed it. I kept one cos I like it so much.

EVERYONE’S poor when they’re buying hifi…

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Lots going on work wise just now so prob not for a week or so til I know what’s going on.

Anyone know if the project is a decent step on from the NAD?

No probs, could probably bring it over (or meet up halfway, somewhere like Leyland? You’re over that way aren’t you? ) one Sunday if you want to try it out first.

That’d be good

We’re only 15mins from Leyland if you want to visit … coffee is available :+1:

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I used one of these a few years ago, I found it to be very good.

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