Building Speakers

Speaking of @simonms have you seen his birthday present to himself? :joy:

That’s pure bollocks! If you buy vintage drivers then you won’t lose money on them, so the “cost” is just the woodwork. Ish :wink:

You could do a lot worse than the Lampizator P17s - those I built were great fun, using an Eminence 15 alpha and the Saba Greencones. You could built a pair for under £500, and I would suggest spending that kind of money first build.

If you wanted horns, then the starter might be the same Eminence 15a open baffle for bass, then a 160Hz horn for upper bass, then an upper mid and tweeter. JBL drivers would cost £1-2k.

And digital crossovers FTW


I would go the horn route obvs, do some reading. There are loads of ways of doing it but I would suggest start small with minimal outlay. Maybe 3-way with OB bass, a mid horn and a tweeter and three amps. A behringer xo will get you started. If you like the process and are encouraged by the sound you can then make it a rolling project and go down the rabbit hole, or refine what you have i.e, exotic drivers, xo etc, etc. BTW, I think a 160hz horn may be a bit deep for your requirements at pres, over a metre long!

Go horn, even a fairly modest set up will get you scale and dynamics that box speakers can’t touch.


i have the frugelhorns xl here at the moment and they are well worth building , would that be worthwhile using a kit . they have quite reasonable bass . anyday now the owner will be taking them home probably


How’d you mean?



That’s a fair point, and one I need to consider a little more. Genese Quartets at 1500€ are quite tempting.


What are those beauties?

I have a soft spot for these babies below (currently my desktop…recently replaced a Caterham CSR) and yest I am only 12…ish.

Do you have any more details on them?

Yehbut, how about an adventure?

They sounded very good at ETF.


The stage where they started talking about pouring liquid tin into a mould was the point where I went “not a first build”!

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Looks like a bms coaxial.

I don’t think that they are a current model but i love the look

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Looks like a horn on the compression driver…only now noticed after your post made me look closer.

Looks like a Dalek before they discovered that not all angles need to be 90 degrees.

There’s a few around, from BMS, B&C, RCF etc,