Buying glasses online

Before I splash out £250-£300 for a pair of varifocals from Specsavers I thought I would look at the online alternatives. So does anyone here usually buy online? If so any recommendations?


Last month I bought 2 pairs of varifocals from Specsavers for £120.

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How the hell did you manage that ?! I was quoted £185 for the lenses plus whatever frames I choose

I’ve recently paid £420 at Specsavers for two pairs (BOGOF) - their “Tailormade” varifocals one clear, one with Reactolite lenses. Should be wearing them now if they hadn’t made them with horizontal centreline 4mm too high! Should pick up the remade pairs next week. I checked one online place for reglazing my existing frames and decided that new ones from Ss were better value. If only they could get them right first time…

Just checked what I was quoted for and they were also the Tailor Made ones. I guess @J_B had the standard ones at £39 plus the cheaper frames to come in at £120 for 2 pairs.

It always used to take Boots 2 or 3 attempts before they got them right so I stopped using them .

Yup, standard frames and lenses, I’ve never felt the need for anything else.

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I fear this is an offense against the 'AA code of conduct".

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Good choice


Standard frames = sex offender glasses.



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I’ll pay the extra thanks :grin:


The opticians is one of the few shops left on every high st. Buy local, preferably from an independent.


This is correct. Mistaking better quality lenses for foo lenses is full of the rong however.


Don’t go cheap on varifocals. Pay the money and get the ones with the wider focally bits.

Ignore JB. He knows fuck all about things that are not hinges.


I flogged expensive varifocal lenses for years, highlighting the wider reading area/less distortion etc.
I started wearing them myself about 18 months ago, the first pair were Specsavers second cheapest lenses, the subsequent photochromic pair were the very cheapest.
I can’t really determine any difference between them in terms of reading area/distortion.
Others may be sensitive to these issues but as I have pointed out before you are being sold to in an opticians like any other store.
I flogged 2 pairs of specs for £800 over 25 years ago. :grinning:

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bloody hell, you saw them coming

(but not in a penance way)

Imho the most important factors are the accuracy of the original measurements (taking account of posture, set up of any previous varifocals etc) and the accuracy of their mounting into the frame by the optical lab.
I suspect that the varifocal design is secondary to these considerations.