Can anyone create discourse plugins?

It’s strikes me that it would be nice to have a plugin that enabled you to type “[album]Michael Jackson/Thriller/1982[/album]” and then it automatically showed the cover, Amazon UK link, Spotify link, discogs link. Date could be optional.

Any admins who can do IT?

A quick search suggests no such plugin exists at present; aside from processing a Spotify link which it does as standard for example I’m not sure how easy it’s going to be tbh.

If anyone is interested in trying it, let me know.

Calling Ice Hockey Boy … :slight_smile:


We might need the full tech “dreem teem” on this - calling Rocky and Davewhit… come in…

I thought they were all Microsoft fanboys? Going to have fun writing stuff for this forum if they are.

Since Adam has so much time on his hands, and clearly fancies his IT skills (how hard can it be, eh? if I wave my hands like this, it’ll just happen, right?) I suggest he tries it and finds out exactly how hard. :roll_eyes:


Just take a picture with your phone, after all it is piss easy to do, don’t even have to save the pic just upload it straight to here.

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LMFAO! :joy::rofl:

Always “amuses” me how people with time on their hands use so much of it to find work for other people to do…

I misread the title as ‘Can anyone create intercourse plugins’.

I read the thread and quickly became disinterested…

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I never said it would be easy, I do still think it would be cool.

muffled titter…

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what are written in Java? Ruby?


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Desperate abomination of trying to write Scala in Java, obvs.

The forum software is a Rails app, so a mix of Ruby and Javascript.