Can I use headphones with a tv with no headphone socket?

Random question. My 82 yr old father wants headphones but the 22inch L&G tv in his bedroom has no headphone socket. I don’t think it can be done. Am I right?

It depends if it has any outputs such as optical digital or standard rca audio. If it does you could do the former with one of the small headphone amps off eBay or the later possibly with just a convertor cable depending if fixed or variable output.

If you can share the model number that will help.

All I can see are 5 different colour rca type plugs. I thought these were component video in sockets, not out. It’s screwed to the wall so getting the model no is tricky.

Model 24mt46d.

I’ve just found the small headphone socket. Many thanks.

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manual here - if you don’t have it

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Update / further question on this - the 3.5mm socket is an input rather than an output. So, it appears you can’t use headphones with the TV. Which will mean I’ll need to get a new one for my father and this one will be wasted. Unless anyone knows any different?

looking at the manual the Scart socket (AV1) looks like it is In and Out from the symbol. I used to have a little cable that was Scart at one end and RCA at the other to enable you to get at the audio output.

A cheapo headphone amp and a SCART to RCA cable might do the trick. If you can wait a bit I might have a cable to send you.