Can you recommend a durable compostable 10 litre caddy liner?

[Mumsnet]My council provide me with a 10 litre kitchen caddy and a rather larger kerbside bin for food waste. They collect weekly and I use about two 10 litre caddy liners per week. I’ve been using Sainsbury’s ones for the caddy but I find they split in a few days, sometimes even before they’ve been transferred to the bin. Since the point is to keep the caddy and bin clean and dry, splits are, literally, the definition of failure.

Described as “High quality and reinforced to prevent leaking” these look better. But are they ? The fine print at the bottom of this listing for them says “Avoid contact with … grease … animal products. Change your liner more frequently if coming into contact with food waste, particularly meat products: as these start to rot they cause the liners to decompose faster”. Actually changing them doesn’t help, of course. They have to hold the food waste until the bin men come and that really will only be weekly.

All I want is liners which last at least a week and will tolerate cooking oil, meat scraps, eggs etc and which are available in small enough quantities that they don’t actually start decomposing on the shelf.[/Mumsnet]

Amazon is a good source of info with the reviews, these look to be stronger

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We use the Tesco ones. They are tough enough to not fall apart at the most inappropriate time.

Oil will be an issue with most compostable liners, but SODC will collect cooking oils in plastic containers.

As for the breaking down too soon issue, SODC collect food bins every week and our bags easily last two when collections have been missed.

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B&Q 10 litre ones are good, but naturally I can’t find them on the web site.

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