Can you recommend a website hosting provider?

I set up 3 years ago with Bluehost and that arrangement is about to expire. Surprise, surprise their opening offer for renewal is $10.99/month (new accounts, as mine was, get the service for $3.99/month). I own the domain so I can move it where I like. The website is small and not busy and my e-mail account is not a very heavy load either.

To save the fuss of moving I will ask Bluehost if they can offer me a better price. But if they can’t (and I don’t mean $10.49) then I will move. I see eHost are currently offering $2.75 to new customers and $5.50 as a ‘regular’ price. Do you have any experience of eHost ? Was it a good experience ?

Bluehost haven’t been bad. I believe the uptime on the site has been great. The only problem, and it has been irritating, is that they quite often find themselves blacklisted by other e-mail providers, presumably because they’ve inadvertently hosted a spammer. This means that while my incoming e-mail works fine my replies get bounced back and I have to use my backup address (which never seems to be blacklised). Bluehost seem unable to stop this happening and incapable of getting it cleared promptly (it can take days, and in one or two cases seems to be more-or-less permanent).

Anyway if you have a hosting provider that you love, and they’re available for a reasonable price, then I’d really appreciate hearing about them.


Take a look at LCN

Have you got a NAS at home, QNAP and Synology have built in webservers. You can then use dnsexit which is free as your nameservers and to manage the dynamic IP addressing.

All of that will cost nothing.

I have always found Zen to be very good. Packages start at £3.99 a month.

Thanks for the advice guys - much appreciated. I don’t have a NAS at home Chris. In fact I am now down to one working computer (Mrs VB has one too). My official level of competence with computers is somewhere between ‘Minimal’ and ‘Special Needs’ I’m afraid. Mrs VB used to drive them for a living and her strong recommendation is that people like me should pay a professional.


I’ve always used 123reg for my domain registrations and they are doing web hosting for £1 per month for the first year and then £2.50 per month after.

I would suggest avoiding godaddy like the plague as I found them to be bloody awful when setting up web hosting for a mates company.

Any views on whether this will become a real virtual thing?

I’ve always got on well with Tsohost. UK data centre and support. Pretty sure they should be more competitive on price than Bluehost as well.

I always use Vidahost. I’ve been with them since they were students with 1 server on invoice number 40, I’ve just had invoice 1,000,040 from them. Needless to say the founders have made the foundation they set of service and support first, into a much larger company, but even though they now have a large team of people they can still be found answering the phone and manning support. Use them with confidence, you’ll never leave them.