Car breakdown insurance

My car insurance is due in a couple of weeks and I’m looking to add breakdown insurance this year. The car has been reliable and only covered 34k miles, but it’s 16 years old, so I want some added peace of mind, mainly for when I travel to my Dad’s.

Any companies recommended, or indeed to avoid?

What are your experiences?

I just changed from Direct line (£223) to Autoaid (£60)

…as recommended on the Martin Lewis website.

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I also use Autoaid but have never needed to call them out.


nationwide bank account freebie is great, used them a few times, covers europe which saves me half the cost for my annual france trips at least and the interest @ 5% on £2.5k pays the rest

Thanks, but as much as I am planning to take out breakdown insurance, I won’t be changing banks in order to do it.

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Just had a conversation with my current insurance provider. Various level of breakdown cover offered (they use RAC) at various prices.

Current car insurance renewal is £173 so I tell them to remove Lou’s name from the policy and he tells me that the revised price will be £222

Fuck that.

Price comparison websites, here I come.


It’s amazing how adding another person reduces the premium. I use rac or AA , costs about 46 quid a year and both very good.

Whoever you go for, and they’re much of a muchness if you go with either of the big ones, I’d definitely be asking them if the “Get you home” part of the policy covers getting you to near the Arctic Circle…

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Think I pay £170 a year with AA
Used them 4 times or so in the last 7 years. As much as it hurts paying it every February,they have been superb on every breakdown

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Jesus thanks, I recommend it to you on here and you go and give someone else the credit. Cunt.

Can I have a lift to Yorkshire then?

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Have you finally noticed that no one reads what you write? :rofl:


Just purchased cover from Autoaid :+1:

Also, fuck SAGA with their £50 premium for removing Lou from the policy. Renewed elsewhere for less than their original quote.