Car recs

Ok,I want the moon,and I want it cheap.

It’s getting harder to get into my car so want something a bit higher.

So needs to be higher than a car,small engine,ulez friendly,back seats must go flat so I can sleep in it if needed.
Ideally newer than 2010 and under £3k.

Keep looking at Meriva 1.4 as I think they tick most boxes.

This one looks decent,but if anyone has experience of anything else please let me know

Should add I’m in no rush,just trying to get ideas

Is it an Astra on stilts?

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More corsa with a hint of Astra


Obvious recommendation :grinning:.

Hmmm…pretty sure the rear seats don’t fold flat :thinking::man_shrugging:



If it were me I’d be looking for a Ford C-Max, diesel, manual (the 3cyl petrol engines, and the auto gearboxes are neither of them too reliable).

Bit of a hike, but this one near Newport is good value:

Offer £2K

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Have been looking at the b max as it’s a bit smaller. Neighbour has one,and size wise looks perfect

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Prolly better on fuel too :ok_hand:

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If you want ULEZ compliance dont buy a ten year old deisel. Even if some would allow it in today, they likely won’t within a year or two.

Yes,so far every diesel I’ve checked on the ulez site fails.
It doesn’t make a lot of sense as some are only £30 a year to tax.
Yet my Astra is a couple of hundred to tax,yet passes ulez.
I always thought road tax was done on emissions.

Road tax on CO2, ULEZ on NOX.

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Surely better to pay the occasional £12.50 and get the car you want?

Otherwise you’re basically looking for Euro 6 cars, which iirc start 2015MY.

Yes,this is starting to be my thinking. I’ll only probably hit inside the M25 3 or 4 times a year so would work out cheaper with the lower road tax

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At the moment you get charged a small amount in England. If the Scottish model is followed, and i think it likely over time, then its not a small fee, it’s a large fine.

Like you both say though, for now it’s fuel savings vs occasional small charge.

Unless someone here carks it & you have to distribute their record collection to the 4 corners of the land.