Car rental.prices TAF

Headed to Italy next summer. Flights booked, now for the car.

Prices are, however, totally nuts in Italy. 2 week rental of a focus sized car for a wee bit shy of a grand. I know how to use scrapers, etc - that’s just the price.

I’ve noticed French and UK prices are also a fair bit higher than pre-Covid…but not by anywhere near so much as in Italy.

Anyone had similar experience and know whether the curve is expected to dip?

(For the removal of doubt, racial stereotypes, tropes and slurs are an entirely suitable form of response if you have no factual content with which to contribute!)

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UK prices are just as bad - cheapest I could find for 5 days starting Thursday was £780. And I was looking a month ago. Nuts.

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At those prices you might as well buy one and sell it before you come home…

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Same issue in Europe, apparently

Companies have sold off chunks of fleet. Demand now outstrips supply

I wonder if omicron will reverse that and prices might soon fall.

We looked at a trip to the US. Car rental prices were even more crazy than Italy - £2.5k for say 17 days. We are not going. Booked Japan instead which is unlikely to happen due to Omicron.

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