Car Wants (maybe once, but now just anything Jim can find on the internet. 🙄)

Cracking job all round :clap:

Love it.

An ‘all cars welcome’ car show in town this morning hosted by the local football club. I was with the baby so did not take anywhere near enough photos but we saw this Escort round the corner from our house on its way down and sounded epic, not usually a fan of Fords in general but the sunshine yellow really brightened up the show as it was overcast.
Another that took my eye was a 924S LeMans edition, with the 944 engine and loved the grey/orange pinstripe cloth seats in particular!
There was also a Toyota Sera, something I have a very unhealthy want for, nice to have a look around one in person although the aftermaket wheels would not be my choice, and would love one in Purple or Turquoise.


I once had a very long and rambling conversation with an attractive girl in a Northampton club that was kicked off by a Toyota Sera. She was obviously a petrol head and asked what car I drove, as I was twatted I replied that I was driving a Seat Alhambra (the light in her eyes dies a bit at this), so I asked what she drove.
Ahhh, you’ll never have heard of it.
Go on tell me.
A Toyota Sera.
Ahhh one of those coupes with the flip up doors? Nice JDM, I’ve got a Mitsubishi GTO but I had to drive the party bus because I’m giving my friends disabled wife a lift here with her wheelchair. Mate and wife roll past a few minutes later and wave.
Light immediately back on.
Chatted for about an hour until her mates dragged her off giving me evils muttering about how her boyfriend would be pissed if he heard she’d spent so much time chatting to one guy.
No intention of taking it further but went a long way to improving my self esteem and confidence after my recent divorce.

Picture of said GheTtO when it came back for a visit after my uncle took it away and fettled it.


Was she like, ‘You can JDM in your JDM…’

I do love a JDM coupe, although not at all into the ‘scene’ and really like a nice original/oem look. Still would like another Celica at some point.

Celica by Robert Seymour, on Flickr