I’ll start by stating all cars are shit. Overweight underpowered boxes that lean the wrong way round corners.

Now the boring bit, Mrs P needs a new car. She has 6K to spend, no more.

It must have 4 or 5 doors.
Be petrol, 1.2 to 1.6 litre.
Able to have roof bars.
Reasonable boot space.
Cheap excise duty a definite bonus.
Cheap to run/maintain.

I have total disinterest in cars unless it has a blue light and batenberg. So obviously I could do with some suggestions…

I foresee a Honda Jazz in your future.

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Skoda yeti

Yeti maybe too big.
Shes been looking at a suzuki swift, they any good?

It’s a Suzuki, so reliable and cheap to run, but also cheap to sit in and doesn’t offer much for keen drivers.

The 3 door swift is tiny.

What about the Fabia? Get the 1.2 and it’s cheap tax/running

Bad experience with a Fabia, albeit it due to a dealer that needed a cock punch

As small cars go, it’s hard to beat the Fiesta.

That must be a Skoda dealer trait then…. Same here

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Festers are ok then?
For some reason I thought Ford was to be avoided.

The Fiesta is a nice car. Comfy, but good handling. Nippy, but economical. Can’t go wrong really.

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Well that certainly opens up more on autotrader

The 1.0 Ecoboost ones (which are now in your budget) are better cars than the older 1.25 models. It’s a very good little engine (and turbo’d so it’s not dog slow).

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She is looking at Peugeots, do I need to dissuade her?

I’m getting tempted to steal the 6k and pimp the bike.

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Yes. I’ve had a 3008 since 2012. It is a piece of shit. Poorly built and horrible to drive. Very reliable though.

Buy a modern Bugatti.

If the Fiesta is a little on the small size, the Focus is good.

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So shit you kept it for 9 years?

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Can it carry 2 kayaks?

Get a Galaxy and you can probably get the canoes inside the car.