Carnage at Cranage?

Anyone (else) going?
Not sure which day yet though, probably Saturday.

May go Saturday to say Hi.

Not sure which day yet, I’m trying to cause maximum misery for shipbasterd ;-).

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Teresa? About time she got out and met the people :smile:

Ha, I had to read that twice.

Don’t you dare bar the door to the Audio Note room!

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Why not just buy some AN gear and save yourself the trouble of going to all the shows just to hear it? :slight_smile:

I think they should be nationalised and distributed free to the masses.

Sunday, as with Ms ICHM in some wasteland in the Midlands (Stratford) Fri - Sun first thing.

I might try and make it on Sunday. I have medical unpleasantness on the Friday which definitely rules the Saturday out.

Come in, bring some nice records & mind my room for a bit!

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I should be there on Saturday.

Might make it over there on Sunday

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Errr, you do realise my taste in “music”… :grinning:
Is Stu going to be with you?

Would I do I fing like that…?

Not for long. :smirk:

Probably go Sunday, missed last year so would quite like to go this year.

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Looks like me and Guy r there all weekend so it would good to have a few friendly faces :wink:

Isn’t it awfully far away?

To be fair it probably is for you, Kev.