Cart favour to ask, please

Not for myself, but a friend that a few of you know: Rich - AKA “Dicy” back in the glory days of the 'Wam - has had two carts either crap-out or get wrecked by his kids in short succession, and naturally this coincides with no income… He needs the loan of a basic MM or HOMC if anyone has one they can loan out (I’m the only hifi geek on the planet without a spare now :frowning: ). He’s as trustworthy as they come, but in case of accident I’ll act as guarantor.

Cheers all.

I’ve a Nagaoka MP10 I could loan him Paul.


You’re a gent Allan, I’ll drop you a PM :+1:

I’ll second that, Rich is a top man.


And sorted. Thanks Allan :+1: Little bit of the real, old 'Wam spirit :ghost: lives on for sure… :+1: :sunglasses:

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