Cart refurb

I have a Super that needs a new tip. Any recs for someone to do the work?

David at goldring does a good job

Dave Giffin at Goldring :+1:

Edit: @stu beat me to it!

I’ll drop him a line, cheers.

If that doesn’t work out I’ve always been happy with Roberto Torlai in Italy. He’s refettled Benz, Koetsu & Transfiguration for me.

Looks like the supex can’t be repaired beyond a re tip… Bugger.

Just found this.

Worldwide List of Phono Cartridge Retippers and Rebuilders

02-08-2019, 02:08 PM

This is a follow-up to Bill’s post seen here:…der-cartridges

View it as a running list, feel free to add to it. there are a few guys in Russia (Roman & Dimitri) and another guy in Hungary that are not on the list because they have no web presence, don’t advertise their services, etc. When I get the green light i’ll post their contact info here.

Expert Stylus Repair (Wyndham Hodgson) are UK based and offer complete rebuilds. Contrary to what ive read the lead times aren’t too lengthy, I don’t think I’ve waited more than 45-60 days from mailing my cart to the UK and having it back in the US of A. These are the guys to send your Linn Troika to, classic Supex (Koetsu) and literally anything other cart retippers/rebuilders wont touch. No web presence, email only:

Northwest Analogue are UK based and offer extensive rebuild services including rewinding coils, etc. I have not used them but heard one of their rebuilt Koetsus and it was excellent, the craftsmanship looked top-notch too.

Andy Kim aka The Needle Clinic. Andy has repaired a Koetsu Rosewood (missing cantilever) and Linn Karma for me. Turnaround was quick and the price fair, both carts went on to new owners and are still running strong.

Holistic is in the Netherlands and has a great rep, I don’t have direct experience but another collector-friend I know has two carts done by them and loves the result.

Peter Ledermann , best known and recommended retipper in the US. Peter is a fountain of knowledge on all things audio, id love to someday visit his lab and soak it all in.

Steve Leung of VAS NOVA fame. see Bill Harts other post and review at The Vinyl Press

Garrott Bros . are Australian based and also mfr MC carts. They’re well known for modifying DECCA carts back in the day. I owned one of their modded carts but not used their rebuild/retip service
Ken Kessler on Garrott:…cca-cartridge/

AJ Van den Hul - his reputation precedes him, one of the best retippers. ive owned a retiped Koetsu, VdH and Benz carts that AJ did and they all performed as expected.

Goldring is UK based and a well known mfr of MC and MM carts. They also repair/retip other makes.

Ana Mighty is based in France and offer repair and retipping services.

Len Gregory aka The Cartridgeman is in the UK, they have their own bespoke line of carts and offer retipping rservies.

John Wright aka J. Wright Audio Services, UK based DECCA cartridge guru. Perhaps the first place to look to rebuild your DECCA

Roberto Torlai is in Italy and a cartridge builder as well as re-builder, I never used him but his reputation is well established.

AudioSilente this co was brought to my attention, also based in Italy.…a-testine.html

JFS Tonabnehmer German based retipper, known for B&O carts but they work on all brands.

Axel Schürholz (now retired)

West-tech are a US based rebuilders of vintage American carts.

Jilco and Namiki are among a few suppliers of styli and cartridge components in Japan and aren’t retippers per se, however I have a cart that was purportedly retipped by Namiki. Japanese cos. tend to be mercurial and not easy to establish a relationship with. even my ex who was fluent in Japanese got the brush off when she made inquiries on my behalf.…ct/record.html


Thanks for that - very useful

Looks like I can get the supex re tipped, but the cart construction prevents a full re build. The cantilever is slightly offset, this happens over time, it sounded good before the stylus let go. So a re tip only it is with no warranty on the cart, just the re tip.


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That good?