Carts for sale

Couple of carts for sale requiring complete rebuilds, Supex D900 and Ortofon Rhoman - £50 each.

The latter can be used for up to a couple of hundred quid off new Ortofon carts without a rebuild.

Yes please I’ll take this (the phono stage) :slight_smile:

Sold me ole fruit, pm inbound

If the Supex is still available I’d be interested. I’m assuming complete rebuild means cantilever and stylus, and that the coils are ok?

Sorry, the Supex went, just the Ortofon left now.

No worries. Let me have a think about the Rohmann

Ortofon have an excellent rebuild/exchange program for their high-end carts, or they can be used to get a hefty discount from their present-day range. With that in mind, £50 is a keen price, even for a fucked one.