Carving bodies and necks

Gary? :thinking:

I’m sure that Gary is a nice name and suits one or two people.

I’ve been called much worse

I wondered if it was your stage name.

Its a bolt on neck so a filler of some sort isn’t an option. If it was a set (glued) neck then I’d have already done exactly that.
Ill have to deepen the cutaway with my spindle sander until its removed, if not reduced.

So sorry Graham! (Hangs head in shame)

I was wondering if a small triangular-section fillet of timber might do it, not a glue or filler. Hard to visualise without being there; I hope it isn’t a ball-ache to resolve anyway

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Having slept on it i have come up with an elaborate plan (that probably wont work) which is a combination of a fillet, filler and glue that will be permanently attached to the neck.

I’ll have a go later.

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You need the help of Baldrick for your cunning plan planning.
Hope it comes together for you.

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Fill in the entire neck mortise. Then re rout it as you want it.
If you are able to use an offcut from the body, you could well end up matching grain and refraction so even with a natural finish it could be very unobtrusive


:+1:You could just have earned yourself a new name - Baldrick. :grin:

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Fixed it :grinning:


Built up several layers of fine chisel shavings on the corner of the heal, sanded it back and also removed a couple of mm from the body to close the gap - not perfect, but it is now acceptable to me.
Really didn’t want to fill and route the pocket again - it’s an excellent, tight interference fit. Thankfully I don’t need to.

Also routed the control cavety and made a cover from some left over neck blank material.


Radian router bits are the dogs, a finish so smooth it feels like 400grit +
highly recommeded.


Blown-away with what you’re creating here, Greg…


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