Cassette deck service / repair - Anybody know anybody?

My Nak really isn’t very well.

Can anybody recommend anyone they know / use to take a look at it ?


IIRC Sodders recommended this lot to me but I didn’t get round to using them so can’t really vouch for them - helpful as ever me

Great if you like handing over £450 for them just to look at it, otherwise avoid.


Am I dreaming or is this like deja vu?

Sure I read this thread yesterday?

That was the funny noise thread


It’s like the post are the same but read different.
Or i am getting old.

The other thread was a “Does anyone know what this could be ?” thread and this is a “Where can I get it fixed ?” thread.

Please, at least try and keep up :confused:

Thanks Allan

Ta but cost 3 times more than the deck is worth to look at it :frowning:

This will probably sort out the problem.

It’s a flat fee of £119


but but, but :joy: digital / hi-fi reasons

That looks very neat :+1:

Is that one of them front loading decks? The front panel looks a bit bare - I’m assuming it has a black on black on black ‘Disaster Area Stunt Ship’-style style controls and indicators?

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