Cassette deck servicing


Well, you know that feeling you had in the nineties when you were asked why you collected vinyl records and people looked at you like you were fucking retarded but deep inside YOU KNEW. It’s that with extra specialness. :grin:


But who has this great (ongoing) collection of tapes?
There are a very few new releases on cassette but you get all the faff and a few demo tapes. You could make
exactly the same argument for 8 track.


Don’t try and rationalise it, its mental. Just as 5-way horns are and having five thousand Lps and the rest of this mularky. It’s just that bit more niche.


:grinning: I won’t be going down this particualr rabbitt hole!


I was laughed at for suggesting vinyl>CD . . . my hi-fi addiction never came up again in casual conversation again.
Imagine the opprobrium if I told them that amplifiers sound different.


Cassette has equalisation. I will just mention LCR and run away…


Been doing a fair bit of research this afternoon and it seems that getting these things looked at is harder than getting Unicorns re-shod :frowning:

A good business opportunity for a faff minded 'toirist of the Engineering persuasion, non ?


I don’t get returning to cassette either fwiw. Reel to reel I can justify as it has the potential to give better results with some albums than vinyl or digital. I don’t think cassette does.


Agreed. Even highly regarded decks like Naks built their reputation on superior mechanics, none of them sounded particularly special.


I don’t think the very best pre recorded tapes are ever that great. I’ve heard amateur recordings made of live events that were reasonable but never pre recorded stuff.


MoFi actually had a small number of Original Master Recording cassettes. They sounded noticeably better than the standard equivalent, but were stupidly expensive and were just as susceptible to damage and wear as normal.


Ah, maybe it is a non then :frowning:


Unless I’m very much mistaken, and bear in mind I’m no expert, I specialise in toilets… but that looks very much like the trans di-static girdle spring. It was Nakamichis early entry into the pan-endermic, exofused tape drive market.

You see, that central point needs to be ‘worried’ back into its seating on the lunar wane-shaft and then checked for end shake along with any magneto-reluctance . Always tricky. Of course, you could just hit it repeatedly with a bit of 4 by 2 then throw the bastard in a skip, like any sane person, and listen to the wireless. :slight_smile:


Yer maw needs to be ‘worried’ :slightly_smiling_face:


Have you considered selling it for what you paid for it ?

It seems to fall into that category nicely. :slight_smile:


It looks like a hydrocoptic marzlevane to prevent side fumbling of the ambifacient lunar waneshaft. Made from pre-famulated amulite, if I’m not mistaken.


Scotch Brian will likely buy your deck for spares for his trumpet.


VTA adjustment spanner


I’m afraid you are very much mistaken. You have forgotten that the amulite wasn’t up to the task and was superseded by their own secret alloy of circadian origin. Incidentally, this is now used by Rolex to produce the incredible shine on their superlative chronometers. Also, you forgot to mention the improved sperving bearing and the increased quasi-umbolic interplay with sed wane-shaft.

Still be throwing the fucker in a skip / canal mind.

The tape deck not Rolex before any wag gets their oar in. :slight_smile:


Honestly - “I don’t know how to fix it so suggest you throw it away”?

I’d have expected better from Meatmen. :roll_eyes: