Cassette deck servicing

My Sony TC-K661S has developed a nasty rattling noise whilst playing and recording. I’m definitely not going inside this thing so it needs someone who knows what they are doing.

Anyone here know anything about this lot:

They’re really close to me so if they’re any good that would be handy.

Simon @sjs have you heard of them?

no, never dealt with them, sorry

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Send it here:


Is that where you dug your Tascam out of?

R2R ≠ Cassette

Oh, I know mate, but I like it. It’s reasonably faffy, having to set levels and bias and suchlike, dealing with tapes that might be sub-optimal, but rewards the effort with results that can exceed the inherent shittyness of the format. The effort that some manufacturers put in to achieving this, against all sensible expectations is to be applauded.

It was just a wind up :grin:

You have a ladies tape deck m’lord!

R2R is a man’s machine. Mind you, your collection of listening material might look something like The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Go To the Movies and The Best of Mr. Acker Bilk


On here? No fucking way! :kissing_heart:

I have at least 1 R2R…

I was going to take it to be looked at but didn’t check their opening times, and they’re closed today, also I’ve had a couple of mixed reports about them, so gone off them a bit. Another guy didn’t want the job, so I rang P&A in Formby and they’re happy to have a quick look. So I took it out of the rack so I can whizz it up there after work tomorrow, and something was loose inside the case, so I’ve just opened it up and found this:

Any ideas WTF it is?

Sardine tin opener obvs.

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Lol! It’s for Lilliput brand sardines then…

That deck is from the 70s so it is probably a dead space invader.


Star Trek shuttlecraft.


Tape guide?


1990s but you’re right about space invaders.

This tape malarkey already strikes me as a pretty shit thing to be involved in and I’ve only owned a deck for 10 minutes.


It’s a dwarf Neptune’s staff.


Or a bit of metal.

Indeed, I don’t get it at all.