Cd collection


Been evicted from my hifi room to a bedroom and getting into CDs as a result as not set up vinyl yet

Keen to get some more music and I guess some of you will have gone all Carlos fandango with that streaming shit so wondered if anyone fancied welling up a bunch of CDs?

Price per foot kind of thing as I have a. Big wall to fill with shelves and fancy trying new music I wouldn’t have bought myself like Classical and modern

Shout if you fancy a chat about what’s in your garage/loft


Just stream and save yourself a lot of space and expense.

buy this

But Bob @ICHM says it’s rubbish and he knows things about stuff.


Darren, get your LP spinner going you lazy b’stard.

C I did just that yesterday Bob but buying vinyl seems daft now prices have skyrocketed and although I have a squeegybox I don’t like using it

I guessed there would be folks who do computer audio dumping their CDs once having ripped them hence this ad. I’m bought a box of 200 for £100 and discovEred a bunch of neW to me artists like Richard shindell