CD storage

Nearly there with listening room. I’m thinking about how to store my CDs. I reckon I’ve got about 1100 at the moment but would be looking for storage for about 1500 to give some room to expand.
Have any of you seen some good solutions?
I would like it to be grey in colour if possible.

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Stick 'em in a crate out of sight, and stream. Welcome to the 21st C.


You’d need three!

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Good price at the mo, too.

If you search IKEA for CD storage you get… No CD storage solutions. No real surprise tbh!

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IKEA Kallax and grey fabric drawers for a cheap option



I use Kallax baskets rather than drawers. I’ve got about 6 of them rammed full, along with three drawers in my desk. The rest of the CDs are in the loft. I’ve got everything ripped to an Innous Zen so it is just a question of finding somewhere to shove everything really…

If you know a local joiner or you’re handy enough knock up ready made shelves these have 11 shelves each holding about 70 cd’s.

I was having some joinery work done and asked the dude if he could make me some - £150 jobs a good 'un although I wish I had got three now. :roll_eyes:


I could make some suggestions :thinking:

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I suppose you’re going to be back in 8 months time with a side-splitting witticism that we’ll all enjoy. I’m looking forward to it already.



I use something similar to this bought in a local hardware shop.

I have about 10 of them full of CDs in the loft .

No I’m not rushing about :face_with_raised_eyebrow: