CD storage?

My CD storage rack is finally full. I estimate I’ve got about 750 now. The collections is still expanding and I’m looking for ideas on how to store them in a better way.
Have any of you seen or are using a neat solution to store your CD collection.
I’m guessing around a 1500 capacity would be good for me to grow into.

Personally, I would choose this method


Like it.
Any of you who know me are aware that vinyl makes up the vast part of my collection, but I do listen to CD’s on occasion and need somewhere to keep them.
Great first answer though.

Ditch the plastic and store the discs only. ?

I have. Stands Unique CD rack surplus to requirements. You’re welcome to it if you can pick up, or get it to you somehow…

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I use these.

For the cases yes.

For the CDs themselves use these…

Case Logic clcdw320 CD Wallet Holds 320 CDs or 160 with Booklets