Central heating breakdown insurance

Can anyone recommend boiler a breakdown insurance company preferably a reliable fucker?
Big Dur reckons British Gas, but I have heard some horror stories about their service/lack of.

My Dad has been with BG for many years and he’s had great service. Small sample size I know but he is very happy with them.

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British Gas are bloody dire, AVOID!


This is also Jack’s experience.

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HomeServe seem to be one of the larger ones, did some work for their contact centre years ago and they seemed like a professional setup

British Gas, not os good results…

We had British Gas years ago and they were very good

We’ve had homeserve and they were mediocre

Can you get emergency cover through your home insurance?

Homeserve were better than BG, however, both try very hard to pump the prices up over the years….

I shall enquire.

We use a local company called Blue Flame :+1:

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Used Homeserve and got good value from them repairing and replacing boiler in my last house.

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British Gas are shit, really shit.

Insisted our boiler was u/s as parts no longer available and wanted 4k to fit new boiler.
Manufacturer fixed it for £90.


I tried to take out boiler cover years ago with BG. They were a nightmare so I took out cover with Corgi instead. After several years they became too expensive and I just moved to EDF boiler and heating cover at half the price of Corgi. I’ve never had to claim so no idea on how that might pan out.


I’m always sceptical about these insurance things, assuming they are very high margin. But my m-i-l has had oven insurance for about 10 years, had several call outs that were free, and has just had a brand new oven when hers was declared unserviceable.

I’ve just assumed that a boiler just needs a service every so often and is fine. Maybe I should rethink this.

I’m surprised you haven’t done a spreadsheet.


Pay in > return, I would guess.

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That’s always my assumption with these things

If that were not so (in general) these companies wouldn’t exist.

For people like my Dad it’s not simply about the cost vs return it’s about peace of mind, knowing that if his boiler breaks it simply takes a phone call and someone is sent to fix it.

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That’s the thing with most of these policies. Yes you could get it fixed cheaper by an independent… but good luck finding one who can come out immediately, whereas BG etc used to guarantee same day call out or similar.

Same year.

Does insurance make sense in this context? Honest question.

For example, we don’t have pet insurance - FAR too many exclusions and the older they get and thus needful of vets, the more insane the premiums. Instead we pay the premium equivalents into a savings fund. It may not cover everything, but it’ll take the sting out, and in the unlikely event we don’t need it, we still have the cash, not some cunting insurance company. Might it make sense to do something like this with your boiler?

FWIW, ultimately, Worcester Bosch came good once I got past their Unhelpful Desk - our boiler is pretty much Trigger’s Broom new now.