My wife fancies champagne at christmas. “something special but not overly expensive” was the specification. Suggestions from meatman booze gurus would be appreciate :slight_smile:

English is better than french now


I like Laurent Perrier rosé. Whether that is “not overly expensive” is in the eye of the beholder. It’s not Krug money, but it’s also not Aldi £12-a-bottle money either.

Some wonderful English sparklings knocking about now.

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Nyetimber English


see if you can track down some Sparkling Red

I can only drink Rose champagne, anything else gives me heartburn :frowning:

This was a good one we tried last year

Standard Bolly never disappoints, especially when reduced to £35, which it often is if you shop around , pre the Christmas madness…


That would be my pick too.

Russian Krim Sekt. Red.

I like Lanson Black Label.

Around £25-£28 usually, although occasionally it can be found on offer for £20-ish

She mentioned fancying rosé so that sounds perfect.

this is special

as is this

and this is superb - if you really want something special

If I have a choice, I habitually drink Piper Heidseick or Monopole. It (apparently) doesn’t have any chardonnay grapes in it which does seem to help me not feel like I’m going to die the next day. I don’t think it’s the best tasting (or indeed anywhere near) but most of the other stuff fucks me up something proper.

My goto choice is Veuve Clicquot, although I often prefer a 100% Chardonnay “Blanc des blancs” - Berry Bros. used to do a really nice one.

I’ll be getting that this year, you should be able to get it for around £55

Goddamnit. That does sound interesting.

The wine I bought during my first date with Narelle was Veuve Clicquot Rosé. Still love it.

Had that for our wedding.
We do prefer rosé Champagne or, when available, Sparkling Shiraz.

As for English ? Yes, it’s nice…but different. What it does well, is make Champagne appear great value.


:clinking_glasses: oh yes…

We’ve got two bottles of a case of Italian Sparkling Red left…it is damned good

No it isn’t

Same here, be quick I’ve just snaffled 2x bottles so there’s only 9 left :slight_smile: