Cheap auto divers watch? Orient MakoXL or Seiko SKX007/9?

Thanks for that link Simon, but I fancy an Automatic, just because I’ve never had one before.

whoops that bit of the requirements passed me by

Well, I bought one of these off a dealer on ebay the other day:

And the the next day ebay had a 20% sale… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Should be here in a few days, but I’m already thinking about upgrading the crystal to a domed sapphire one, and maybe seeing if I can get a ceramic bezel insert. Fiddle fiddle…

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It arrived today, and I’m loving it. Looks fantastic to my eyes, weighs enough for you to know you’ve got something on your wrist, but not a great big lump.

Need to get a link or 2 removed tomorrow because I don’t have a small enough screwdriver.

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