Cheap, big fuck off sliding compound mitre saws

I need a big saw.

Claire wants me to make a big covered decking area, which will utilise some 4x4 posts, and probably some sleepers.

So I need a big boys toy.

I’m looking at SIP:



Plus there’s a few used Metabos etc

It will be used for a couple of projects a year probably, so no need for pro level DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee etc. Need to stay around the £200 point.

I used to have a Ryobi 305mm double bevel compound sliding saw, but a mate convinced me to sell it to him, and I’ve regretted it ever since…

Any other suggestions or has anyone got a big sliding saw they want to get shut of?

Have a look at the Evolution models. Getting good write ups.

Evolution Rage look good, but only go up to 10" / 255mm, for single cuts in 4x4 and sleepers I need a 12" /305mm blade.

Ah, didn’t know that.

Would have thought Rick/bandit pilot would have known a bit about these.

It’s not a massive problem, I could always flip the wood over, but there’s always a risk of (me) fucking it up if you make more than one cut.

I have a Evolution one
£150 cuts 320mm in 24mm ply. Clean cuts, very quiet and handy laser.

But I’d have to go “over there”…:scream:

Consider quality but used,


They do look good, and good value. It’s just we have some stuff planned for the garden that requires some very chunky wood, which I’d prefer to be able to cut in one pass rather than having to flip over, and a 255mm blade doesn’t go deep enough.

But will not dismiss them, might go down to B&Q to look at one.

Good call, I used to use Makita drills at work, good stuff :+1:

Ooh, that bottom one would be ace, just need a taxi…

Used both makita and dewalt,both very good.

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Why does this stuff never come up on my searches? I was very thorough…

Borrow it!

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In the trade, these are usually called “chop saws” :nerd_face:

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@BobC has found a nice Makita for the right money, just need to arrange a taxi from Nottingham towards Wigan before I pull the trigger.

Im not in the trade but did wonder wtf it was until the chop saw penny dropped.

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You could always hire one for a week,one here for about 50 squid.

Have you tried gumtree etc

Sorry, on tablet, and couldn’t do hyperlink!