Cheap cart for Technics SL1900

Well daughter has decided that she wants a cart upgrade - ha ha she is slipping over to the dark side :smiling_imp:

At the moment she has a yellow bodied AT which I think is their cheapest. It’s on the standard arm and headshell for the SL1900.

So, with that specific arm in mind, what kind of cart should I be looking at for a good match, between £50-100?

Ortofon or nagaoka I’d of thought unless you risk 2nd hand

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Yeah, Nagaoka MP10 then when she wants to upgrade again she can just get an MP 20 stylus.

Save her the heartache of years of wanting to upgrade and yearning for the next best thing.

Just buy her an Io Ltd.


Otherwise how can you really say that you love her?

Don’t be silly, she’s a woman and this is hifi - she’s quite safe from chronic upgraditis which tends to afflict the male of the species.


Nagaoka MP 100

Nagaoka MP 110

There’s a range of new ATs out, being launched today at IFA Berlin… Maybe something there within budget.

Otherwise I might look at one of the Goldring basic models.

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Looks like they have nailed the budget market right there!

Certainly a lot of tip profiles on offer.

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Shelter 201

The Goldring E3 would be a £99 alternative to the ATVM95-EN

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Same thing but with a dress on :+1:

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Sounds like a waste of money given that she will inevitably move on to R2R soon.

I say go straight for the end game :wink:


Wax cylinders then…

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That is soooo July 2018. It is all about the CD now donchaknow

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virtual media is where it’s at. SuperHD Audio will be along soon.

The Shelter 201 is £255 ex vat here. In Japan £100.