Cheap cart

I’ve got a mate with a basic deck and a bang average system and speakers.
His cart is bust.
What’s the best thing to get, to avoid total pants, but not over achieve?
Budget is as little as possible!
(Even better if anyone has anything?)


Here’s a photo of the cart that needs replacing.
It’s apparently an audio technica.

I’ve not seen it and asked a few more questions, but my mate is stuck on what it is to replace from his googling.

What Gregg said.

Is it from a T4P cartridge? (the type that are usually found on small decks with linear tracking arms)

I don’t know and he just has that photo. Some decks have a bespoke fitting that isn’t the two bolts?
Trying to find out more.

It is the slide out stylus from a cart, not the cart itself

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Good call!
Similar to this pic


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It’s clips in. So it’s not a traditional two bolt cart.

Update. It’s almost certainly the equivalent of the white part of that cartridge.

So I suspect he only need a new stylus insert for it? If so, any recommendations? Or links to the actual bit?

The whole thing (pictured above) is 35 quid so it may be pointless just getting the insert??


It’s this.

Might help if anyone can just clarify the
AT81CP or AT81EP ?
Look to be same thing but different stylus options.

I would guess the CP and EP, are descriptions of the stylus shape.
Conical or Eliptical.
Your choice.
Feel free to correct.