Cheap CD player wanted

I mean really cheap. It is to go in my workshop, CD’s don’t get access to the music room :wink:

I have a dac somewhere, so a transport would also do the job.

Physical condition unimportant as long as it is in good working order.

Remote is not essential.

Might have summat. Will see what I can dig out. Might take a couple of days.

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I have a bunch of really cheap DVD players that are STR. You are welcome one. PM your address to me.

Thank you!

Wam taxi to Fetlar thread?

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Wash your mouth out!

Aaargh, Freudian slip there.:disappointed:

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RM charges are same as mainland UK :slight_smile:

Received this morning, thank you very much, Olan!

I’m glad it (finally) got there. Does it still work? :grin:

Don’t know yet mate, hopefully I’ll get it set up on Sunday :blush:

Oh dear…:pray:. At least it only cost a couple of quid in postage if the Royal Mail have done it in. :smirk:

I’m sure it will be fine, it arrived with the packaging in perfect condition :+1: