Cheap neutral RCA interconnects suggestions

Hi all, I need a pair of new RCA cables (0.5m) and am looking for something neutral and under £20-30.

Would these fit the bill, or am I fine even going with something like A***** Basics for a fiver?

I’m happy to buy some s/h from anyone here if they’re looking to sell a pair.


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How long?


Do. Not.


Hah, I thought I might elicit that reaction. Actually, I won’t, but just wondering if a similarly priced set from say Maplins would be good.

Do they still exist ?

Apparently so! Audio Cables | maplin | Maplin

They don’t seem to do the Van Damme speaker cable I once bought from them though.

For the record; I have a mix of cables, and suffer no brand loyalty. But I do find Van Damme to be consistent, well made, and flexible.


Thanks, yeah may just go with them. I like how you can choose the purty colours too…

Yes, I have purple, and blue.


Purple are best


If you go for Van Damme, try and find someone who uses Neutrik Profi-plugs - they really do make a big difference for not too much more money. Most V-D stuff is adequate, the one big standout are their Silver Series ‘Lo Cap 55’ cables - they’re what I use in my own system for unbalanced connections, and I use Neutrik Profis on them - but the plug covers need filing-out to accommodate the wider-than-usual cable. Good luck finding someone making these into RCA pairs…

If you can scrape the cash together (£60/1m pair), you’d do well hitting-up Mark Grant. Neutral, well-made, and bullshit-free. They’re what I’d use if I didn’t know how to make my own…

If you need balanced, the best cables I’ve ever found are also hilariously cheap - Hosa Pro microphone cables (you’ll need to order x2 to get a pair). I have foo balanced cables here up to ~£300, and these are comfortably better than any of them, and the longer the run, the more obvious the difference. You’ll find them on ebay.

I’ve never tried Hosa’s unbalanced RCA cables, but I suspect they, too, are good - I must get some to try…

Protip: cables are a Belief System with two main sects - one lot desperately trying to convince themselves their £10,000 USB cables makes a huge difference, and the other lot desperately trying to convince themselves their shitty Amazon 99p jobs are just as good. Both are equally delusional - reality is nuanced, but decent materials, design, and build matter.


And purple ones sound better :+1:


Blue Jeans make good bullshit free cables

The Linn black interconnects are mogami 2549 which is pretty standard stuff, unlike usual Linn foo wank they can be had quite cheaply

Imagine the wars that could of been saved on the wam with this post.

Saying that, half the fun would have been lost.

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Thanks @Mrs_Maureen_OPinion and @thebiglebowski. I meant to mention Mogami as I’d seen them recommended too. Will take a look once I’ve sorted out the annoying brats home from last day of school :+1:

No cunt would have taken the slightest notice of it mate, dunno why I bother posting anything hifi related, but especially feckin cables! :laughing:


FWVVLIW, Cheapskate audiophools wank like petshop-monkeys over Mogami, it’s a minor cult, and it beats me why - like most of Van Damme’s offerings, they are very, very average.

Just noticed the price you stated!

First rule of forum ‘suggestions’ threads: Never take any notice of what OP actually wants.


So I’ve failed twice then.

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