Cheap retro amps

A friend wants to get an old/retro amp. I suggested the likes of Nad, Rotel, Marantz etc.
His budget is small, £100 ebay punds.

Any ideas on specific amps worth searching for?

Kenwood KA2030SE
Sony ES range
Audio Innovations Alto Mk1

Rotel 920ax
denon pma250
arcam a75
arcam a65

if he can collect this one is ace

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You should get a NAD 320BEE for about £60 - £70
Well worth that money, but line only.

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Rotel 820

Creek 4040


Rotel 930ax, includes a phono stage



Great amp but more than £100

Thanks guys, some good ideas there.

If he can collect I’ve got an Arcam 90.2 he can have for a £50 donation to cancer research.

For £100 he can have Linn Index speakers and K400 cable to go with it.


Where abouts are you?

He works away a lot so not sure he could travel. No harm in asking tho.

Near southampton

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Thanks, ill let him know.
I know hes off to Aberdeen tomorrow.

I have a NAD 7120 receiver he can have for £50 collected, boxed. Nice thing for £50. Can post.


Will pass info on, thanks